Lizzie's Wool Dryer Balls


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To start off using wool dryer balls, the use of (3) three at a time is recommended. Wool Dryer Balls can be a simple solution to some of your laundry drying problems! Here are some of the benefits to using wool dryer balls over fabric softeners or sheets. They last up to 1000 loads which means you don't have to keep replacing those toxin filled dryer sheets.

1. Save Money - Wool dryer balls can help to save money in multiple ways. First, using the wool dryer balls allows for a faster drying time, and thus less electricity. The more wool dryer balls you use the less time it takes to dry your clothes. Secondly, you will only have to buy a few dryer balls to get the cost savings whereas with fabric softeners or dryer sheets you must continually replenish your stock. 

2. Durability - You will only need a 3 wool dryer balls to get started, but feel free to add more to your stash for even quicker drying times as well as increased efficiency and decreased need to worry because these wool balls will last up to 1000 loads!

3. Soften Fabric/Reduce Static - The wool dryer balls helps to soften the fabric and reduce static and thus wrinkles as well. The only difference is the lack of scent on the clothes due to no fragrances or chemicals. Some may suggest that you can apply drops of essential oil to the balls for scent.