Fragrant Jewels I am a Goddess - Jewel Candle


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Declare, "I am a goddess!" with our newest collection, a celebration of what it means to feel mighty. Goddesses represent a specific attribute we all possess and can tap into when we need to feel powerful and in control. Whether you're seeking guidance, strength, or inspiration, these goddesses are here to remind you of your inner power and the many ways you can harness it.


Take charge and leave a lasting impression with our I am goddess fragrance. The top notes of white orchids and lilies set the stage for a floral and delicate opening, while the green moss adds a touch of earthiness and depth. As the fragrance settles in, the creamy warmth of vanilla bean and amber come to the forefront, creating a cozy and enveloping base that will stay with you all day.


We designed each of the ten rings in this collection to honor a different goddess, with intricate engravings that depict the specific powers and attributes of each one. From the wise Athena to the virtuous Artemis, each goddess represents a different aspect of the divine. Wearing one of these rings allows you to honor and connect with that energy.

Plated in rhodium, these rings are adorned with burgundy and amethyst crystals for an added touch of elegance.

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Net Weight:  11 oz (312 g)

Scent notes: White Orchid, lilies, green moss, vanilla bean & amber.

Ingredients: Coconut wax blend, fragrance, dye.