Lizzie's Brow Pow Eyebrow & Edges Growth Serum


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If you have ever over-plucked your eyebrows or applied wax a little too generously, you know how difficult it can be to restore your brows. Our Brow Pow Eyebrow Growth Serum is a gentle solution to promote natural eyebrow growth – offering enviously healthy, thick, and beautiful brows in as little as six to eight weeks. 


With powerful ingredients: 

  • Castor oil 
  • Jojoba oil 


We added black castor oil to nourish the hair follicle and bring your brows back to life so you’ll notice fuller, stronger brows over time. Vitamin and mineral-rich Jojoba oil stimulates healthy regrowth, especially with vitamins C, B, and E, along with zinc and copper as ingredients, you can revitalize your brows from your overplucking days. The serum comes in a convenient roller, so you can simply apply it once or twice a day, without a mess. 


1. Start with a clean, dry palette.

2. Apply serum along brow or hair edges by rolling product onto area. For best results, apply daily once a day, at night or apply daily, twice a day for edges. 

Ingredients: pure black castor oil, golden jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, less than 3% tea tree essential oil, less than 3% peppermint essential oil, less than 3% orange bitter essential oil. 

*There is less than 3% of the essential oils used and it does not leave the product with a scent. These oils combined together aid in speeding up the growth process.