Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Tanning Lotion

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Size: 13.5 fl. oz.

Sit back, relax, and let your skin escape to the tropics. Coconut Kisses’™ lavish hydration will drench your skin in Coconut Milk & Coconut Oil for an extreme softening and skin hydrating effect, while the intoxicating fragrance will make you dream of a day in paradise.

  • Tanning intensifiers deliver dark golden results without the use of bronzing agents.
  • Quad Tyrosine Blend + MelanoBronze - Stimulate and increase melanin formation to accelerate the tanning process.
  • Melactiva - Melanin synthesizer for darker, longer lasting results.
  • Nouritan - Stimulates tyrosine activity and promotes an even and long lasting tan.
  • BodyFit - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness.
  • Tattoo & Color Fade Protector - Prolongs the life and radiance of your tattoos and tanning results.
  • Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk & Cocoa Butter - Provide intense, deep skin hydration.

Customer Reviews

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mary allman
Ed hardy tanning lotion

Coconut Kisses love it!! Great smell and tanning lotion!!


Love the lotion! This is the 3rd bottle of this lotion I’ve bought and the top is terrible because it comes apart. A regular top would make this item better. The last 2 bottles I purchased, the top cracked and I had to use a ziplock bag with a rubber band around the top to prevent it from spilling. PLEASE change the design of the lid.

Terri Hartt
Love this lotion

Can’t wait to try this lotion

Wendi Belknap
coconut kisses

i will buy this again i really like it

Great Indoor Tanning Product

Great product. The color is more of a clear bronzer so you don't have streaks. The coconut smell is great. Leaves skin soft.