Fragrant Jewels The Beyond - Jewel Candle


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Sometimes our world can only take us so far, and we must look to The Beyond for answers. But precautions must be taken, for there are always risks when tapping into the spiritual realm.

A ring of salt will keep evil souls at bay. Lights must be extinguished, save for a few candles. Now place your hands on the Ouija planchette and make contact with a nearby spirit.

What will you ask? The further you travel into the beyond, the more dangerous it becomes. How long do you dare stay?


We can only see what our eyes will let us—but the Ouija takes us somewhere else, somewhere that cannot be defined. Our bright pink wood wick candle is set in an ion plated purple jar and gives off woodsy, floral notes to keep the bad spirits away. Light it as your seance begins and enjoy notes of lily of the valley, sweet bergamot, calming oakmoss, and spicy clove.


As your candle gets lost in the Beyond, you’ll discover 1 of 12 otherworldly rings. Each ouija-inspired ring is set in an intricately designed rhodium plated band and features a stunning combination of iridescent plum crystals and violet and clear CZ stones.

One ring even gives you the opportunity to answer “yes” or “no” the next time you have a burning question. Just flip it over to reveal your will. Collect all 10 to help protect you during your next seance.

More Details

Net Weight: 
Bath bomb: 6 oz (170 g)
Candle: 11 oz (312 g)

Scent notes: Lily of the valley, sweet bergamot, calming oakmoss, and spicy clove

Candle ingredients: Coconut wax blend, fragrance, dye.