Tan Asz U Midnight Black Tanning Lotion

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Size: 13.5 fl. oz.

Its darkest after midnight and stars shine the brightest. You are no exception. Become the most alluring heavenly body in the room with this blissfully dark bronzer. This formula is exclusively designed for a long, lasting deep color, because you're not one to turn in early for the night, and neither is your bronze glow. Wonderfully soft silicones and color enriching nutrients ensure that if others weren't captivated before, now its like a moth to a flame.

100X bronzers enchant your body with the deepest, darkest, bronze glow possible. EverdarkTM Anti-Fade Technology uses a BiotanTM & Erythrulose complex to ensure longer lasting color. Max silicones and tan enriching vitamins further enhance the feel and look of your skin.