Lizzie's Sweet Almond Oil


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As one of the most versatile oils, sweet almond oil is powerful on its own or mixed with essential oils. It’s full of vitamin E that can delay signs of aging, fade stretch marks, and alleviate sun damage, and its vitamin A can even your complexion and soothe acne.  


Some popular uses of sweet almond oil: 


  • A favorite massage oil 
  • A virtually unscented carrier oil to dilute essential oils 
  • An effective anti-fungal treatment 


Sweet almond oil is more than just an incredibly moisturizing body oil – it’s also a base for many other essential oil recipes. As a moisturizer or as a component of your homemade remedies, a bottle of sweet almond oil has diverse uses to take advantage of.  


This item comes in a 4 ounce plastic BPA free bottle with a flip top for easy opening and closing.