Supre Tan Black Hearts Tanning Lotion


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Size: 8.5 fl. oz.

Let the dark side of love become your total bronzing obsession with Black Hearts. This dark tanning heartbreaker is loaded with potent MagnaColor technology and powerful 10X Bronzers to take your tan to the next level of bronze infatuation.

Black Fig, Cranberry and Passion Fruit seduce your skin with hydrating nourishment leaving it irresistibly soft and seductively smooth. Once you open your heart to color this intense you will become crazed by its power.

Black 10X Bronzing Blend of DHA and Natural Bronzers dramatically darkens skin after UV exposure for a darker, longer lasting tan. Potent MagnaColor Tanning Technology helps accelerate and amplify the skins natural Melanin production, taking your tan to its deepest darkest level.

Antioxidant blend of Black Fig, Cranberry and Passion Fruit hydrates and nourishes for younger, healthier looking skin.