Playboy Fabtabulous Tanning Lotion

14.95 22.00

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Size: 10.1 fl. oz.

Fragrance:  Uplifting Fresh and Clean

Decadently Dark Tan Maximizer

Never underestimate the Happy feelings of shopping, bubble baths and the perfect golden glow to show off those new heels! This Decadently Dark Tan Maximizer with Flawless DHA Bronzing, combines fast acting Unipertan with clear bronzers for a deeper, longer lasting tan. Exotic oils provide silky soft skin while a Body Sculpting Complex helps skin look more toned and tightened.

  • High power and fast-acting Unipertan helps build your base tan by helping skin prepare for maximum color potential.
  • Clear delayed bronzers fully develop after applying for a deeper long lasting tan.
  • Exotic Oils help leave skin feeling silky soft.