Fragrant Jewels Moon Magic - Jewel Candle


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If we are truly in touch with our spiritual selves, we may draw power from the goddess of the night sky. Cycling through her many phases, the moon reminds us that change is good and that we should embrace transformation throughout the lunar month. Just as she influences the vast ocean, she influences us as well—at every stage of our complex being.


The full cycle of the moon represents birth, death, and eventually, reincarnation—as she always rises again, bright and beautiful as ever. Our double-wicked candle signifies the majestic light of the moon illuminating above. Set in a whimsical, iridescent purple jar, it emits powerful, natural aromas of sweet black currant, tart rhubarb, refreshing mint, and spicy anise.


As your candle reaches its final phase, you’ll discover one of 10 rhodium plated celestial-inspired rings. This collection features stunning Iridescent Starlight crystals shaped as twinkling stars and the many transitions of the moon. Collect each one so you can match your spiritual phase to the matching ring.

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Net Weight: 11 oz (312 g)

Scent notes: Sweet black currant, tart rhubarb, refreshing mint, and spicy anise.

Ingredients: Coconut wax blend, fragrance, dye.