Designer Skin Spellbound Entranced Tanning Lotion

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Size: 13.5 Oz.
Fragrance: "Sheer Blossom"
24X Dark Tanning Lotion with Silicone Emulsion. Peptides and Black Walnut help firm, tone and tan.

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Stephanie Garvin
ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE & only lotion I’ve tried. && don’t want anything elsefr love thi s

So I bought my first and only bottle at a tanning salon years ago… think it was on sale with the yearly membership … but I am very very pale and fair skinned!!!
So I burn in the sun! Than peel and then freckle !!
So I can’t fan
But this amazing stuff I actually got ram for 1st time in my life!!! I love this stuff it smells great🥰😘😘😘😍🥰 && I only ever want to use this period ever!!! But having trouble finding it… sadly please please I need a bottle!! Help I’m totally obsessed… it worked so easy for me and fast… and I like to use what I know ! Otherwise like I said I can’t tan please help