Fragrant Jewels Cinderella - Jewel Candle


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There’s power in knowing your worth, even when those around you will stop at nothing to tear you down. This is an ode to Cinderella and her story. 

She was kept down in the ashes by those green with envy, yet her spirit remained hopeful and true. This strength shined through, and the Prince was able to see her for who she truly was, beneath the dirt and rags, as he slipped the delicate glass slipper upon her rightful foot. 

This collection is a powerful reminder to believe in yourself and, like Cinderella, refuse anyone the power to make you settle for less than you deserve.


A crisp night’s breeze takes us away to the prince’s castle with notes of raspberry and cassis. The royal ball is just beginning as we take in aromas of peony with a hint of jasmine. Our soul gets renewed by the grounding fragrance of woodsy vanilla that completes our fairytale experience.


Hidden inside each product is 1 of 10 magical surprise rings. These FJ custom designs feature Blue Shade, Aqua Glass and Blue Poppy crystals with details inspired by Cinderella’s story. They are truly a dream come true!

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Net Weight: 11 oz (312 g)

Scent notes: Raspberry, Peony, Sweet Vanilla.

Ingredients: Coconut wax blend, fragrance.