Fragrant Jewels Breathe - Jewel Candle


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Exhale . . . every ounce of negativity in your life with our latest Breathe candle. Then, inhale . . . every ounce of peace that calms your spirit and soothes your soul.


As you exhale again into your next pose, imagine a gorgeous bed of exotic flowers around you; your next yogic inhale sends you straight to savasana with calming orchid and invigorating lemon balm, aligning your chakras for the next exhale . . .


Inside each candle you’ll discover one of the beautiful FJ rings set in a gorgeous rhodium-plated band. Collect all rings! 

More Details

Net Weight: 12 oz (340 g)

Scent notes: Orchid and lemon balm. 

Candle ingredients: Coconut wax blend, fragrance, dye