Guide to Choosing The Correct Tanning Lotion Type For You

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Posted on November 22 2018

Guide to Choosing The Correct Tanning Lotion Type For You

Bronzer, Tingle, Intensifier, Maximizer, Hot, Cooling DHA Free Firming Hot Bronzing Maximizer 😜...Confused about all the different types of tanning lotions?  Your not alone.  Keep reading as we hope to clear the air and help you choose the best product type for you.

Long are the days when you visited a salon and there was just "tanning lotion".  As time moved on and tanning technology improved there have been many innovations within the industry - especially lotions.  Lets take a look at the most popular lotion types:

NOTE:  Remember that most indoor tanning lotions do not contain sunscreen or an SPF.  We recommend if you use an indoor tanning lotion outdoors to use it along with a quality SPF.

Bronzers - Bronzers by far the most popular tanning lotion type.  They help enhance and darken your tan.  They are great for indoor and outdoor tanning and are recommended for almost every skin tone.  If you are extremely light skinned it is best to start with a basic bronzer and gradually build your color over a few tanning sessions.  However, if you have a dark tan already a powerful quality bronzer may be the best product to build and maintain your color.

Common Types of Bronzers:

  • DHA Bronzer - These bronzers contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a simple carbohydrate that reacts with the top layer of your skin to achieve a darker skin tone.  This ingredient is often found in sunless and self tanning products as well as higher end tanning bronzers for use in tanning beds.  A great premium DHA based bronzer on our top sellers list is BlackOut Tanning Bronzer.
  • Natural Bronzer - These lotions contain herbal, nut or plant extracts to assist in the tanning process.  
  • White Bronzer - Simply put these products do not contain a cosmetic bronzer.  They are usually white in color but dont be fooled - they tan just as good as the tinted bronzers.

Regardless of the bronzer type that is right for you we recommend making sure it is applied evenly to prevent any possibility of streaking.

    Accelerator / Intensifier - Also referred to as a bronzer free tanning lotion.  This type of product usually contains hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.  Ingredients such as olive oil, carrot oil, almond oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and cocoa butter all nourish and enhance the skin as well as work directly with your skins melanin to advance the tanning process.  No need to worry about streaks here as there are no bronzers.

    Maximizer - The next step up from an Accelerator / Intensifier.  After reaching a decent base tan using an Accelerator is is recommended to step up to a Tanning Maximizer.  These are usually considered a "Step 2" product.  Many tanners like these as they are a gradual increase from an Accelerator however some tanners may choose to introduce an entry level Bronzer at this stage.

    Hot Tingle - Recommended for the experienced tanner.  Not recommended for use on the facial area.  Hot Tingle tanning lotions are typically products that contain an ingredient that aids in the micro circulation to the skins surface.  This activity increases the oxygen level of your skin and you may feel a "tingle" sensation.  This process is also known to deepen and darken your tan.  If you need to break through a tanning plateau a Tingle lotion is usually recommended.

    Cooling - Want to cool down while tanning?  These products have a special cooling agent that aides in keeping you cool and comfortable during your session.  Note that many products that are cooling also contain bronzers.

    Do you have any questions on the product types above or need advise?  Don't hesitate to contact us!

    -Tan2Day Tanning Supply


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    • Julie Revis: January 18, 2020

      Hi I’m going to order on the 6/25 I’m so excited I found your site as for just 1 packet tanning product is $8.00 & up.☺️🌞😎

    • Kimberly : January 18, 2020

      What would you recommend In a cooling lotion? Ive got a decent tan but of course want to be darker I went from using black chocolate Glisten to the Hemp Smoke an just ordered the purple smoke but I get so hot in my tanning bed like 8min in I wound love a good cooling lotion. I tan at home an buy all my products online an that makes it difficult sometimes when buying these products . Do you have any samples?

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