Immoral Wickedly Bronzed (Dark Tanning Bronzer)

Wickedly Bronzed (Dark Tanning Bronzer) - (<font color="#FF0000"><strong>SUPER SPECIAL</strong></font><strong></strong>)
Wickedly Bronzed (Dark Tanning Bronzer) - (SUPER SPECIAL)
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Product Type: Bronzer / Accelerator
Size: 8.0 Oz.
Fragrance: Pina Colada
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Extreme Dark Tanning Bronzer Lotion

Product Description

Wickedly Bronzed Tanning Lotion

Wickedly Bronzed Tanning Lotion - 8.0 Oz

Looking for that perfect Bronze? Look no further as this premium lotion will have your body in a wicked bronze tan in no time!

Bring out your Wickedly Bronzed Tan!

Premium Bronzer

Dark Tanning Bronzer with True Bronzer Technology

  • PREMIUM DARK TANNING BRONZER - Powerful dark tanning bed lotion with True Bronzer Technology helps bring out your skins natural bronze glow.
  • NOURISH AND HYDRATE - Hydrate, nourish and replenish your skin with Ginger, Acai, Organic Aloe and Shea Butter.
  • ACHIEVE AND MAINTAIN YOUR DEEP DARK TAN - Powerful Antioxidant White Tea Extract along with Pure Coconut Oil Help Maintain Youthful Glowing Skin.
  • TRUE BRONZER TECHNOLOGY / TATTOO SAFE / NO AFTER TAN ODOR - Helps your skin achieve a darker natural tan and break through a tanning plateau. Safe for your tattoo. No foul after tan odor.
  • FRAGRANCE: Pina Colada, Great for use as an INDOOR TANNING LOTION and OUTDOOR TANNING (along with a quality SPF). Proudly Made in the USA. Premium Tanning Accelerator, Tanning Intensifier and Tanning Bronzer make this Immoral Tanning Lotion one that will help you achieve the ultimate bronze tan.


Immoral Tanning Lotion
Guaranteed Authentic Immoral Tanning Lotion Tanning Product

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