Rosé Premium Self Tanning Moussé (2 Hour Express)

Rose Self Tanning Mousse (2 Hour Express) + FREE TANNING MITT
Rose Self Tanning Mousse (2 Hour Express) + FREE TANNING MITT
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Product Type: Premium Sunless Tanning Mousse
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Rosé Premium Self Tanning Mousse - 2 Hour Express

Product Description

Rose Self Tanning Mousse (2 Hour Express) + FREE TANNING MITT

Experience a luxurious self tan in 2 to 4 hours with Rose Self Tanning Mousse. Our premium sunless tanning formula instantly works to bring out your skins natural darker tones. A truly unique formula containing organic Eco Certified DHA, Resveratrol (a anti oxidant rich extract with skin enhancing properties), vitamins A, C&E, Jojoba and Argan Oils. Your skin will be moisturized, nourished and naturally shades darker.

  • PERFECT BRONZE TAN - Bring out your natural darker skin tones and achieve the flawless tan you desire with our vitamin rich skin nourishing self tanning mousse. Healthy UV free tanning with Eco Certified bronzers and Resveratrol Vitamin Complex.
  • 2 HOUR STREAK FREE PERFECT TAN - Silky smooth fast absorbing formula delivers an instant bronze long-lasting bronze glow. Easy, streak free application every time.
  • NO SELF TAN ODOR / NON-STICKY / FAST DRYING - Our revolutionary formula has no self tan odor, feels silky smooth while applying and absorbs fast.
  • RESVERATROL VITAMIN COMPLEX - Enhances skin tone and promotes a healthy glow. Helps heal and prevent skin damage. Increases elasticity and reduces the appearance of skin aging due to its rich antioxidant and skin tone enhancing effects.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Proudly made in the USA. Gluten Free. Paraben Free. Sulfate Free. Not Tested on Animals. For ALL Skin Types.

Rosé Sunless
Guaranteed Authentic Rosé Sunless Tanning Product

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