RSun OC Over Confident Packet

OC Over Confident PACKET
OC Over Confident PACKET
Item# rsunocovrcnfd-PKT
Product Type: Tanning Accelerator / Anti-Aging / Silicone
Size: 0.67 Oz.
Fragrance: "Fresh Lemongrass"
Regular price: $10.00
You Pay: $5.95

Product Description

OC Over Confident Lotion Packet - 0.67 Oz.

DHA Free Silicone Emulsion

Five Accelerators - Help maximize UV absorption for a flawless, all natural, dark savage tan. Acai Oil - Boasts 10 times the antioxidant benefits of other fruits. Refreshing - Aroma therapeutic fragrance coupled with refreshing cucumber extract. Skin Firming - Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while tightening and improving the elasticity of your skin. Silicone Emulsion - This sensory modifier provides a soft velvety feel to the skin that lasts all day long.

Guaranteed Authentic  Tanning Product

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