Immoral Hooker Legs Tanning Lotion

Hooker Legs Tanning Lotion (Luxurious Silk Bronzer for Legs)
Hooker Legs Tanning Lotion (Luxurious Silk Bronzer for Legs)
Item# imhookerlegs
Product Type: Luxury Tanning Bronzer for Legs
Size: 8.0 Oz.
Fragrance: Love Spell
Regular price: $44.95
You Pay: $24.95

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Hooker Legs Dark Tanning Bronzer Lotion Just for Legs

Product Description

Hooker Legs Tanning Lotion - 8.0 Oz.

If you’re looking to achieve the Darkest and Sexiest Legs of all time you’ve come to the right place. This unique leg bronzing formula will give your legs a look that will make heads turn around and eyes follow your every step!

  • Luxurious Dark Leg Tanning Bronzer

Immoral Tanning Lotion
Guaranteed Authentic Immoral Tanning Lotion Tanning Product

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