Ultimate Tan Chain Reaction Tanning Lotion

Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction
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Product Type: Tanning Bronzer / Accelerator
Size: 11.0 Oz.
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Ultimate Tan Chain Reaction Tanning Lotion with Natural Bronzers

Product Description

Get golden bronze color and superior moisture with Chain Reaction. MCT Oil powered emulsion gives skin intense Hydration for a youthful look, while DHA Bronzers react to give instant and long lasting bronze results. The Reaction you receive from friends will tell you all you need to know:

• MCT Oil Emulsion provides hydration to create a tight, toned appearance

• Natural & DHA Bronzers combine to provide instant results that develop and darken for days

• Silicone fusion for smooth, silky application

• Explosive Tan Accelerators intensify and prolong skin tanning

Guaranteed Authentic Ultimate Tanning Product

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