Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold Rush Tanning Lotion

14 Karat Gold Rush
14 Karat Gold Rush
Item# ds-14-karat-gold-rush
Product Type: Tanning Bronzer / Accelerator with Anti-aging
Size: 13.5 Oz.
Fragrance: "Gilded Citrus"
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Tanning BronzerAnti-Aging & Firming Tanning LotionsTanning Accelerator

Designer Skin Bronzing 14 Karat Gold Rush Anti-Aging Tanning Lotion w/ Omega 3 Moisturization

Product Description

14 Karat Gold Rush Tanning Lotion Features

  • Dark bronzing blend of DHA and Erythrulose to assist in building a deep dark tan and assisting in breaking through a plateau.
  • Anti-aging properties. Contains Hyaluronic Acid - helps maintain skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Omega 3 moisturizing ingredients.

Designer Skin
Guaranteed Authentic Designer Skin Tanning Product

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